Sara Ruth Blake has performed improv comedy for over 7 years.  She lives in New York City and would love to act in your next project. She is clever, funny, great with babies, kids and grown-up people.  Sara has studied long-form improv at The PIT and UCB in New York and performs short-form improv monthly with Rufus Khan.  Recently Sara learned how to make a website (you are looking at it!), how to fill information about herself, add photos, edit a reel and upload videos!

As Sara sorts out what else needs to be on the front page she hopes you enjoy this blend of key search terms and Hipster Ipsun:  Art party, funny girl, kombucha, best friend type.  Girl-next-door, back-yard garden, awesome chef.  Mixtape, polaroid, authentic actor. Tina Fey / skinny Melissa McCarthy type. Fire-eating circus folk. Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, hipster actress.