Sara Ruth Blake is an actor who has performed improv comedy for over 7 years.  She lives in New York City and would love to work on your next project. She is clever, funny, great with babies, kids and grown-up people.  Sara has studied long-form improv at The PIT and UCB in New York and performs short-form improv monthly with Rufus Khan.  Recently Sara learned how to make a website (you are looking at it!), how to add photos/videos and how to fill information about herself.  She recently added her reel.

As Sara figures out what else to place on the front page she hopes you enjoy this blend of key search terms and Hipster Ipsun filler text:  Art party, funny girl, drinking kombucha, best friend type.  Girl-next-door, back-yard garden, awesome chef.  Mixtape, polaroid, authentic DIY actor, lo-fi, food truck. Tina Fey type. Fire-eating circus folk. Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, Greenpoint, hipster actress.