I’ve finally co-created Seinfeld with Smartphones!

I’ve always been a big Seinfeld fan and for years I’d joke around with friends about what would happen in a world where the Seinfeld characters all had smartphones.  Some people say Seinfeld (or Buffy, but that is another story) wouldn’t have existed with smartphones, but I disagree.  The gang would still be around, but all of their gaffs could now include social media.

With that in mind, may I proudly present:
Seinfeld with Smartphones on vimeo  and
Seinfeld with Smarphones on Facebook

Co-created with on of my favorite collaborators, Chris Piazza at Panopticon

A comedy show… just in time

I want to say something about the election results, but it is just so rough, and typing at the computer was never my strongest place to let words pour out.

I’ve used comedy my whole life to get through tough times and this will be no different. So please, come see my short form improv comedy group Rufus Khan this Saturday, 10pm at the Players Theatre.
We will laugh, we may cry, we will do it together.

All the info:
Rufus Khan returns for its monthly show at The Players Theatre! There will be hilarious improv, fantastic guests, cheap booze, but most of all, it will be Mamma Khan’s (Jamie Rosler) final show with Rufus! If you have not seen us in a while or haven’t been able to make it to a show yet, this is the one. Help us send Jamie out with a bangin’ party.

Sounds pretty great, right? So what are you waiting for, just click going already!

The Players Theatre
115 MacDougal St, 3rd Floor (follow the signs for Rufus Khan)
10 PM
$5 at the door
BYO Water
A/C/E/B/D/F/M to West 4th St or the PATH train to 9th St

Special guests:
Storyteller/comedian –  T.J. Mannix
Musical improv – The Trumpet Boys

I’m performing comedy this weekend!

I’ll be performing short-form improv comedy with Rufus Khan this Saturday, June 11th at the Players Theatre. We will be hosting Orphan Alley, performing musical-improv and Duran Duran Duran performing long -orm improv.

I host a monthly show with Rufus Kahn at the Player Theatre every 2nd Saturday of the month, but we will be taking our summer break after this June show, so come check it out on Saturday!

Players Theatre,
10 pm, $5, no drink min
115 MacDougal St. upstairs theater
Take the A,B,C,D,E,F or M trains to West 4th St.


I know this might be lame but: Every time I work on this website successfully I think: “YES! I am AWESOME! Look at me, Programming God!”

I just added the link from my part of Olfactory, the Mya un-boxing video, and then, I resized the video so that it was the same size as all the other videos, so when you scan down the page it looks all neat and orderly…. I am an Awesome programming GOD!!!


Comedy show with Rufus Khan, Saturday Feb 13th

Rufus Khan, my short-form improv comedy group, has a show this Saturday, February 13th at the Players Theatre here in NYC.

We will perform, along with another comedy group and a stand-up comedian, all for the low price of $5. Rebel against the freezing temperatures by leaving your apartment and coming to see our show! Here are the details:

Doors open at 9:45pm
The Players Theatre Loft (3rd Fl., follow signs)
115 MacDougal St, NYC

– West 4th St A/B/C/D/E/F/M –
– 9th St PATH train –

Special guest Katie Fabel makes funny music!
Gabe Pacheco is back on our stage with stand-up comedy gold!
Cash bar. Never a minimum. Rarely a maximum.

High Energy Listening!

I’ve been doing a podcast with my friends Meg Scanlon and Eric Rizk.  It’s fun, funny, and perfect to listen to while wrapping presents for the holidays… or while commuting on the train… or while commuting to see your family for the holidays.

The three of us met while working on Sisters (aka The Nest) and liked each other so much that we wanted to keep hanging out and getting to know each other, so we started meeting up to record podcasts together.  If you listen via Stitcher or iTunes you can get to know us as we get to know each other.

I joined the podcast in episode 2, but feel free to jump in anywhere.

Think of yourself like an athlete

In order to be a good working actor I think you need to think of yourself as an athlete. Work out, eat well, build up your body and immune system and generally treat yourself as an athlete.

I was standing in on a indie film and the lead male character was a very fit, high powered, business type. As part of a montage there was a shot of him running full speed on a treadmill. In order to get this the lead male actor had to run at an incredibly fast speed on and off for about 40 minutes. In between shots and lighting changes his stand-in also had to run at top speed.  They both had to be in really good shape, or be willing to push through and hope to not have anything major to do the next day. And I thought: god….I have to start working out more.

I talked to CP (my husband / a camera operator) about this  and he said that the best camera ops / DP’s (director of photography, position above camera op) are people who treat themselves as athletes. They eat really healthy meals, when they go to crafty they hit up the protein/veg. They drink plenty of water, they work out and they take precautions to prevent injury / sickness.

This is a big part of the reason we rejoined the gym. 🙂

First blog post

I built this site with the help of my friend Elizabeth several weeks ago and now I am back to do some updating.  I think it is true that the biggest part of what holds actors back is their own fear.  Fear of rejection, fear of success fear of the unknown.  Part of what made me take so long to come back and update this site was fear.

What if I don’t come up with the perfect thing to write?

So what, the writing is part of the process, no one writes the perfect thing the first time, just as no one perfectly nails their first audition, or first day standing in, or first day doing background work.  But with any of these steps it is important to take that first step.  So here I leave it.  First post written.  Bam!